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For years, Pratyaya has been providing software-based solutions across a whole range of industries.

 Education Sector & Institution

 Health Care

 Digital commerce and Payment/Transaction

 Consumer Goods and Services

 Transportation and Logistics

 Supply Chain Management



Our cost effective solutions help educators rethink the student, reinvent operations and business models, and rewire learning.

Business Transformation

Our business transformation services help educators develop a social CRM strategy and select, design and implement solutions that enhance student engagement and improve student institutional interactions. We reshape instruction using mobile technologies and develop integrated instructional technology models to meet evolving learning requirements.

Back-Office System Support

Responding proactively to student needs means doing more than just implementing the latest processes and systems; it also means implementing and integrating relevant back-office systems to create meaningful metrics. Our back-office services implement and integrate data warehousing, ERP and other back-office systems.

IT Infrastructure Services

Effective infrastructure is essential for supporting institutional goals. We provide a host of infrastructure services that help improve learning outcomes, support decision-making, and enhance institutional effectiveness while controlling costs. Our IT infrastructure services include implementing, upgrading and maintaining enterprise applications and infrastructure consolidation. We also offer portfolio analysis and optimization.

Education Publishing

The educational publishing sector is growing. Our publishing services include online content delivery and digital products and services. We also offer organized repositories of learning assets; mobile content for textbooks, tablets and smartphones; learning analytics; and the use of collaboration and connected communities to share knowledge and contain costs. Other Pratyaya solutions help you tailor the content, delivery and learning supports to address individual learning styles.



Engage with our business and technology experts for strategic solutions that address the full scope of healthcare issues today, from compliance through integrated health management.

Pratyaya Healthcare Consulting

Creating a truly sustainable foundation for healthcare will require the industry to eliminate substantial costs, embrace new ways of delivering care and improve the quality of that care. Pratyaya’s Healthcare Business Consulting services address the industry trends and market forces that are driving business and IT spend—from rethinking new business models to optimizing operations and enabling technology innovation.

Pratyaya Healthcare Operational Services

Today's immediate challenges—cost control, regulatory compliance and improvingefficiencies—demand resources and attention beyond the scope of most healthcare organizations. Pratyaya’s Healthcare Business Process Services (BPS) practice engages with you at a strategic level and collaborates over the long term to implement a strategy that works.


Healthcare reform promises to funnel new customers to government and public health programs. Yet budget restraints put pressure on healthcare organizations’ ability to expand services and manage their influx of members. At the same time, constituents demand accountability for their tax dollars, alongside calls for improved services and efficiencies. Our technology and business processes allow you to address immediate issues presented by health reform and related regulatory actions. We help you to quickly and cost-effectively adapt to whatever unexpected requirements the future may bring.


Integrated HealthManagement (Health 1.0)

We help healthcare organizations evaluate, prepare and implement the transformational programs necessary for providing coordinated, comprehensive care for patients and consumers.

  • Value-based care models (ACO, BPCI, Transitions of Care)
  • Care redesign (collaborative care management)
  • Connected health

Health Intelligence and Analytics

The ability to access and leverage data is changing the way business decisions are made, with rich insights enabling evidence-based decision-making and proactive planning. Pratyaya helps healthcare organizations integrate multiple data sources and technologies to increase productivity anddrive collaboration.

  • Big data/analytics
  • Population health management
  • Hospital performance and benchmarking

Investigative Services

Enabling organizations to identify and resolve intentional and unintentional errors or verify the absence of both is critical. With significant dollars being lost to fraud and abuse each year, investigation and recovery efforts are critical to an organization’s overall financial health.

  • RAC audits
  • Billing and recovery
  • Fraud and abuse

Operational Improvement

By introducing IT-enabled processes, organizations can reduce costs while improving process efficiency and effectiveness. At the same time, these processes can drastically improve overall patient and/or member satisfaction. Pratyaya’s expertise includes:

  • Clinical effectiveness
  • Quality and patient safety
  • Transformation
  • Patient flow
  • Efficiency improvement
  • Clinical integration and interoperability


New consumer-focused operating models in healthcare demand a shift in thinking, often moving from a B2B focus to a B2C focus. Pratyaya helps healthcare organizations manage the patientand member experience with solutions thatdrive engagement.

  • Patient (consumer) engagement
  • Patient digital experience

Implementation Services

We offer complete project and IT implementation and support services, including:

  • Legacy systems modernization
  • Administrative, claims management, clinical and electronic health record implementations
  • Custom development and maintenance
  • Systems integration and program management
  • ERP and CRM systems
  • Data warehouses
  • E-health, self-service applications and portal development



Pratyaya offers many solutions well suited to transportation and logistics service providers, including smart yard management, dynamic route planning and analytics.

Outbound Logistics Solutions

Our outbound logistics (OBL) solutions help clients turn their OBL processes into a source of competitive advantage.

Pick-up and DeliveryProcess Visibility

Our solution offers real-time visibility into pickup and delivery of cargo or parcels. It helps logistics service providers better manage on-time performance and improve customer service.

Dynamic Route Planning

Pratyaya OPtiRoute is our dynamic vehicle routing solution that provides real-time planning and routing of vehicles while in transit. The solution provides superior performance, including the ability to accept planning inputs about vehicles on the move.

Analytics for Logistics

Pratyaya Analytics is our analytics solution for transportation and logistics players. It takes a vast range of inputs and computes various supply chain metrics to helps business users plan their logistics operations more effectively.


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